aGPSS versions sold

Extended version

The extended version of aGPSS, costs $90.00. This is an intermediate version that allows for 400 blocks and 5000 transactions. This has proved to be large enough for all student projects and for most commercial applications.

Professional version

The full professional version, costing $700.00, allows for in principle an unlimited amount of blocks, transactions, stations, etc., with the limit only set by the memory available on the computer. (We have e.g. had one user requiring 28000 transactions to be in the system at the same time). The price also includes support, as well as all the following products:

  1. Modeling Business Processes with aGPSS - Parts 1 - 2
  2. The booklet 100 aGPSS Models: Exercises and Cases with commented solutions.
  3. PowerPoint slides to Modeling Business Processes with aGPSS

Information on how to purchase