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Modeling Business Processes with a General Purpose Simulation System

The tutorial book Richard Born & Ingolf Ståhl, Modeling Business Processes with a General Purpose Simulation System, SSE, Stockholm, comes in two parts: 1. Introduction, 2013 (300 pp.) and 2. Extensions, 2014 (177 pp.). Single copies of part 1 are sold for $50.00 and of part 2 for $25.00.

This book is focused on how to model business decision problems, both graphically and in a computer model, by using a general purpose simulation system.

The 35 lessons of part 1 have proved to be useful in courses when only a dozen of classroom hours have been available for simulation, but they have also shown to be a good start in longer courses dedicated to simulation. This book is also suitable for self-studies, as demonstrated by aGPSS students in 60 countries.

The First Hours of Simulation Education

Single copies of the introductory tutorial booklet Richard Born & Ingolf Ståhl, The First Hours of Simulation Education, SSE, Stockholm, 2014, (73 pp.) are sold for $10.00. This is recommended as a first introduction to simulation with aGPSS.

100 aGPSS exercises

Single copies of the booklet 100 aGPSS Models: Exercises and Cases, 2016, incl. a USB (or a CD or the right to download from the Web) with commented solutions to these exercises are sold for $30.00.

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