Some advantages of aGPSS

  1. aGPSS is available for both Windows and the Macintosh
  2. Programs are similar to real problems
  3. Programs can be developed quickly
  4. The GUI with the block diagram facilitates learning and understanding
  5. The block diagram with 22 different graphical symbols is useful for modeling the problems
  6. The block diagram is also useful for documentation
  7. The simple block diagram and simple menus allow for good readability also on small screens
  8. The program listing facilitates debugging and verification
  9. It is easy to read and understand the output
  10. aGPSS provides the novice with necessary statistics automatically
  11. It is easy to make replications
  12. There is an automatic statistic analysis
  13. aGPSS allows for automatic animation with dynamic block statistics
  14. It is very easy to construct functions based on empirical data
  15. aGPSS minimizes the risk of logical errors
  16. It has a good error trapping system with clear error codes
  17. The whole aGPSS system is covered in a small affordable textbook
  18. It is easy for the teacher to master all of aGPSS