What is aGPSS?

aGPSS is the most modern version of GPSS, running on both Windows and the Macintosh. It is available on a USB, a CD, or downloadable from the Web. aGPSS is a streamlined version of GPSS, a General Purpose Simulation System. aGPSS is intended to be the starting point in learning simulation. It is used thus at many colleges and universities in Northern Europe, the US, Japan and India, at both business and engineering schools, and also in self-studies in over 60 other countries.

aGPSS is regarded to have several advantages.

One first constructs a block diagram by choosing building blocks from a symbol menu by the point-and-click method.

Screenshot of Simulation Window

For each block symbol in this block diagram, one can then open a dialog for inputting the operands of the block. The dialog reveals the main syntax of the block operands. The text program developed in this way on the client computer is then executed by GPSS.EXE, the simulation engine used by aGPSS. The output files are then presented in tables, histograms and graphs.

You can here free of charge download a student version (limited to 150 blocks and 1500 transactions).

Download Windows student version of aGPSS.

Download Macintosh student version of aGPSS.

There are two larger versions of aGPSS on sale, starting at the price of $90.00. You can read more information about this here.

For the start of learning aGPSS we recommend the paper on The First Two Hours of Simulation Education.

For continued studies of aGPSS, we recommend three aGPSS books.